Georgia Hall is a brand director by day and an artist by night.

I've been experimenting with chalks, charcoals, oil pastels and oil paint, preferring dense textures with sheer coverage. I'm making mistakes, free-thinking, breathing loudly, making a mess. Everything I can't usually do in my everyday corporate world. I've been loving using the Financial Times newsprint too as a paper base, as the thin texture is so SKIN like, and it's psychologically satisfying drawing big bold bodies on top of flimsy financial figures; simultaneously obliterating digits and numbers with real life curves, limbs, eyes and expressions. I'd like to thank Lance Forman and his Forman’s Smokehouse Gallery in edgy East London for showing my art and for handing me this artistic chalice, to be able to create a collection which explores the ethics of fashion and folk.

Whatever happens, I look forward to seeing reactions, emotions and response to my art. I would also like to thank my sponsors for believing I can do it, so big eternal personal gratefulness to Rococo Chocolates, Small Batch Coffee, Brighton Gin and Peter Spanton tonics for supporting me.  For further info please contact


Georgia graduated in fashion design at Newcastle Upon Tyne and worked as a fashion illustrator in New York in the 1980s before deciding to pursue a commercial career in marketing.


As a global brand director, Georgia has worked on creating successful long term commercial marketing strategies for companies including Chelsea FC, Microsoft, Tesco, Virgin Atlantic, Vodafone and YO! Sushi (checkout

Her first show was held in her home town at the Alnmouth Arts Festival where Georgia amazingly sold out of all 100 original art pieces. She has now created another collection ‘skin’ consisting of prints, original art pieces and a brand new set of 5ft oil canvases.


Georgia said, "drawing as a discipline is so unique and once you've jumped over the Freudian fence in relation to looking abstractly at people for hours on end, you find yourself losing all preconceived notions of bodily perfection. The body becomes an immediate art form where all brain to eye focus is on getting the shape, shadows, line, hands, hair, poise and pose translated into images while time stays still. When I draw I like to think I'm in another setting, like on a film set in a cult sixties style movie, thinking Blow Up or Georgie Girl, evocative music playing in the background, everything is good, the guise is glamorous, mistakes are made, it's like life really, all a bit raw, experimental, clumsy, unapologetic, of the time. And at the end of the day we're all in our skin, fantastic, vulnerable and real."


Thank you to the DRAW sessions in Brighton for helping me awaken, Shelly Morrow's art musing, Caroline (on the cusp) McNiven for taking me, the super talented Sarah McDougall (, beautiful Bella and my amazing daughter Hayley for helping me unconditionally. Memories of Newcastle Upon Tyne Bath Lane Art College where it all began well as the legendary energy of Marc Bolan in his acoustic hey day and gorgeous Edie Sedgwick mingled with muse memories of Egon Schiele and Jo Brocklehurst.


For further information please contact Georgia Hall on to buy, commission or discuss.